• Central Private Police

    Central Private Police Agency offers private protection company with a unique perspective and approach to meet our customer’s security needs.

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Our goal is simple! Safety, Service, Security and also Deterrence while maintaining a high level of professionalism from our staff members.

Reasons To Do Business With Us

We are in business to serve your business. From the largest business to the smallest business we serve. We cherish our customers and work very hard to make certain we continue to meet your needs.


This is the kind of organization you want to be affiliated with. Your values are congruent with ours.


We work tirelessly to provide the personnel and the services that our customers want and need.

The Way

We build our service and coverage to fit the way you do business.  We are as seen or unseen as involved or detached as you the consumer want us to be.


We build a multi-faceted trust between our clients and our company as well as a trust with our client’s customers to ensure a relaxed comfortable and safe environment for all parties involved.


We are professional in all aspects of the services we provide.  From our attire to the communications skills we employ.


We are driven to ensure our customers are provided the level and type of security they need and want.  We work for and with our clients to accomplish a common goal. (Provide a safe and comfortable facility and environment to conduct business)

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